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Perpetuo for contrabassoon and wind quintet

Perpetuo for contrabassoon and wind quintet was composed in loving memory of  two incredible musicians and mentors, Benno “Doc” Fritz and Arlene P. Kies.  The piece contains three movements (Of Memories, Of Grief, and Of Legacies), each of which explores different emotions and reactions related to loss.  The movements are to be performed in any order at the discretion of the performer.  In addition, there are no defined numerical tempo markings; just as an individual reacts to loss differently, so must a performer convey their emotions through their own styles and tempi.  Each performance is meant to be an intimate, personal, and unique experience of thoughtful, emotion-filled music.

Sonatina for bassoon and piano

Sonatina for bassoon and piano is a one-movement work based upon a set of falling pitches.  These pitches, which form patterns of major thirds followed by minor seconds, create a fluid motion between false tonics.  Changes in rhythm combined with inversions create a constant sense of rising and falling throughout the work, which are further emphasized through dynamics and tempi.  Sonatina moves through different grooves, dances, and gentle moments to explore this pattern of ascent and descent.  The piece ends in the result of this constant descent, using the lowest pitches of the piano and bassoon, involving an extension to the instrument.  The ending pitches form a tritone, but are designed to feel as sonorous as a slow cadence.
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Velocity for alto saxophone and piano

Velocity for alto saxophone and piano was composed for Joseph Hendricks for his senior recital at the University of New Hampshire.  Joseph’s only directions were “twelve-tone and jazzy,” resulting in a fun, creative project that stretched the imagination and the concepts of jazz and serial composition.  The resulting one-movement work begins as a slow ballad, with a cadenza leading into the beginning of the groove.  The piece speeds up through metric modulations, constantly increasing in energy.  The fiery ending brings the work to an exciting close.

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Explorations is a series (in progress) of unaccompanied works for soloists with the intention of taking advantage of both the potential of musical motives and the idiomatics of the instruments. Each piece is highly virtuosic and very demanding, allowing the performers to show their technical prowess paired with the beautiful expression achieved by the highest caliber of musicianship.

Exploration No. 1 for solo English horn

Exploration No. 2 for solo violin
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Concert Piece for trumpet and piano

Concert Piece for trumpet and piano is a short work for C trumpet and piano in sonata form. The piece utilizes a 12-tone row, which is manipulated to provide different textures and styles. The piece begins calmly before moving into an energetic main theme. The music moves through different dances and grooves before returning to the initial ideas.

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Oceanic Images
for bass trombone / euphonium doubler and piano

Oceanic Images is a piece for a multitalented low brass musician, requiring the performer to shift between the euphonium and bass trombone.  This combination enables usage of the contrast between the timbres and technical capabilities of both instruments.  The five-movement work is a musical depiction of various aspects of the ocean, using textures, harmonies, and forms to project images and emotions.  The concept of the piece is based upon the composer’s love and memories of the sea, varying from sailing in the sun to the hunting of a hurricane.

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