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Reedsongs: A Bassoon (And Contra!) Recital
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Vincent LaMonica (b. 1993), a native of rural Ashford, Connecticut, enjoys a diverse career in music as a performer, conductor, composer, and educator. Vincent has performed in chamber groups, wind ensembles, brass bands, and orchestras throughout New England and the Midwest, and is an-demand substitute bassoonist and contrabassoonist, having performed with the Symphony Orchestras of Springfield (MA), Portland (ME), Albany (NY), Kenosha (WI), and Bangor (ME), the Orchestra of Indian Hill (Littleton, MA), among others.  Vincent is also the Executive Director and Bassoonist of the Doclé Reed Quintet, a Chicago-based ensemble of alumni from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). Vincent recently completed the Master’s program at Northwestern University, where he studied with David McGill.  His previous teachers have included Nancy Goeres, Margaret Phillips, Ronald Haroutunian, Rebecca Eldredge, and Janet Polk, and he attended the 2017 season of the Aspen Music Festival and School.

Vincent’s compositional style combines the beloved aesthetics of traditional tonal music with extensive serial techniques. While creating music with a unique and progressive voice, Vincent’s style and sound are easily accessible by all audiences alike. As the recipient of an IDEA research grant, Vincent analyzed the works and techniques of Alban Berg and created a set of pieces in his style, including Vincent’s Sonatina for bassoon and piano, which is now published by T.D. Ellis Music. Vincent’s composition teachers were Dr. Kenneth Fuchs and Dr. Michael Annicchiarico.

Vincent is excited to be the conductor of two historic local bands, the Babcock Cornet Band in Ashford, CT, and the East Woodstock Cornet Band (EWCB) in Woodstock, CT.  Vincent has also been selected by the Connecticut Music Educators Association to conduct the 2019-2020 Southern Region High School Band.

Vincent also owns and runs the Quiet Cornet Music Studio in Ashford, CT, where he offers lessons, group classes, recording services, and concerts.