Vincent LaMonica is excited to be the conductor of two historic local bands, the Babcock Cornet Band in Ashford, CT, and the East Woodstock Cornet Band (EWCB) in Woodstock, CT.  Vincent has also been selected by the Connecticut Music Educators Association to conduct the 2019-2020 Southern Region High School Band.

The Babcock Cornet Band was founded in 1862 from an incredibly generous donation by Ashford resident Archibald Babcock.  His $3,000 donation, equivalent to over $70,000 today, allowed “Ye Band of Ashford,” formerly comprised of ophicleides, bugles, fifes, and drums, to expand into a full “cornet band,” a traditional term for a community band welcome to all.  The Babcock Cornet Band is the oldest continuously-running independent community band in the United States.  Vincent is incredibly grateful for the hard work of Jamie Beers, who conducted the band for 19 years, and he looks forward to continuing the tradition of this historic institution.

The East Woodstock Cornet Band was founded in 1893.  In 1935, a portable band stand, known as the band truck, was built, and is still in use today.  Although the group has grown too large to fit completely on it, the band truck is used for a couple concerts each year.  Vincent is honored to be succeeding Jeff Kelleher after his 14-year tenure as conductor.

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