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Scale, Arpeggio, Etude, and Method Books

Please note: if you see a book listed as “Coming Soon” that you are interested in, please reach out to me via the Contact Page.  The book may be close enough to done for me to polish it off and send it to you!  I’m always looking for people to test out these publications.

Scale Studies – Volume 1: Approaching Scales

This book covers one-octave scales and scales in thirds in all twenty-four major/minor keys with notated variation in rhythm and articulation.  With practice tips, concepts, and a well-organized layout, this book is perfect for musicians of all ages, whether you’ve just started working scales or have been playing them for decades.  With transpositions available for all instruments and pages organized by Concert Key Signature, this book is designed to be used in one-on-one or ensemble applications.  Coming soon: Conducting Guide to Approaching Scales.

Approaching Scales is available for purchase as a PDF through my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is sold as a PDF so that band directors can use pages as desired instead of handing out the full book.  Feel free to print, copy, and hole-punch for your students binders!

Purchase the Bundle for $50 (Save $22!)

Individual PDFs – $8 each
Flute – Higher Range
Flute & Oboe – Lower Range
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, & Baritone T.C.
Alto & Baritone Saxophones
Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
French Horn
Trombone & Euphonium B.C.

Scale Studies – Volume 2: Mastering Scales

Coming soon, this volume is instrument-specific, covers the full range of each instrument, and adds compound meter, arpeggios and arpeggio progressions, and chromaticism.

Scale Studies – Volume 3: Non-tonal Scales

Coming soon, this volume covers non-tonal scales and patterns, including chromatic, whole tone, and octatonic scales.

Arpeggio Studies for Bassoon

(Coming soon) Designed as a precursor to Ludwig Milde’s 25 Studies in Scales and Chords, this book covers arpeggios and arpeggio progressions in all twenty-four major/minor keys and has key-specific and cumulative etudes.  These etudes cover the musical ideas presented in the Milde, but at a more reachable level, with the intention of training musicians to recognize scale and arpeggio patterns.  Once this book is completed, students will be ready to dive into the Milde Studies with much more ease!

Bassoon Method Books:
Starting on Bassoon
Switching to Bassoon

(Coming soon) I am currently developing a new way of introducing the bassoon to people.  These books focus on proper posture, embouchure, and breathing while introducing notes and fingerings in a more logical order.  Flicking and proper pinky fingerings are emphasized, and a balance between scales/arpeggios and songs is strived for to keep students mentally engaged while challenging them intellectually.

Switching to Bassoon is a faster book, as it operates under the assumption that students have achieved a basic level of reading rhythms and chromatic notes.

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