Recording and Streaming Services: Fees and Information


To stream and record your recital, it’ll be $80.  This includes setting up a YouTube account, a live stream event page, and basic video editing/trimming afterwards.
To stream and record your recital and record your dress rehearsal, it’ll be $100.  I offer this bundle because it gives us a chance to test out the mics with your specific venue and instrumentation.

To record audition tapes, my rates adjust based on complexity and time.  Per basic set-up/session, my base rate is $35 per hour (rounding up to the next hour), including set-up and breakdown time – usually 15 – 25 minutes to set up and 10 – 15 minutes to break down.

I accept payments in the form of cash and Venmo (username VincentLaMonica, see below).  Tips are always accepted if you feel it’s deserved, especially in the forms of thank you cards, chocolate, and booze.

I picked these rates because I think they’re reasonable (and pretty cheap for what you’re getting), but I understand that a lot of us are quite broke.  If these rates are truly not feasible for you, reach out to me and come up with a clever counter-offer.

Venmo Handle:
Venmo Handle(Please be sure to send payment to the correct account!)

Timeline and Contracts:

I am trying to avoid contracts.  We’re all students here – let’s be cordial and professional, but not stuffy.  Keep in mind that my recording “training” has been streaming several recitals and getting advice from an audio engineering friend about ORFT techniques and such, but I’m not a professional.  Recordings will be very good quality, and I’ll continue to invest in higher quality mics as I become able to, but if you want absolute professional audio, there is always the option to hire Bienen to record it (at $100 per recital) without video and without a stream.

Because of some new YouTube policies, I have had to make one strict timing policy: if I don’t have all of the Live Stream information 4 days before the recital, I reserve the right to only record your recital without streaming.  Please be sure to read this page about setting up a YouTube event page, download the Word document form Live Streaming Information (Updated November 2018), and email it to me at no fewer than 4 days before the recital.  I recommend getting this done at least a week before the recital, if not sooner!

Streaming Quality, Sharing Recordings and Files:

The quality of the stream is completely out of our control.  YouTube has a great interface and my software works easily, effectively, and consistently, so any issues with a stream are caused by Northwestern Wi-Fi.  This is why I create a backup by simultaneously streaming and recording.  The Wi-Fi in McClintock and MCR is strong, but it can vary in Galvin and the Ryan Opera Theater.
If the stream goes smoothly (which it usually will), then the URL for the stream will remain as the URL for the edited video.  If the stream does not go smoothly, I will upload the edited video soon after the recital and provide you with the new URL.
There is a slight lag (which is good) on the stream – it’s usually about five seconds behind the live performance.

After the recital or session, I will trim the video, adjust the saturation/color a bit to make it look even better, and add timestamps in the video description.  Once that’s all done and processed by YouTube, you can download a copy any time you want!  When I send you instructions about editing the streaming event page, I will include instructions to download the MP4 file of your video.
If you’d also like a separate audio file, let me know and I can extract that for you, and I’ll send it to you via GMail or Google Drive.

Quick note about YouTube: If it flags your video for copyright violation, it’s almost always an annoying error, but I might not be able to trim/edit the video until the dispute is over.  File the dispute and they will have 30 days to acknowledge the error. I recommend selecting “The video is my original content and I own all rights to it,” and then where you are allowed to explain why you believe the copyright claim is invalid, use this and fill in the blanks (feel free to edit it however you wish).

“This video is a live-streamed recording of a student recital at Northwestern University, and therefore is my original content.  This video does not use any material from ____(supposed copyright owners)___, and was flagged in error.  Thank you in advance for removing this false copyright claim.”


I am working diligently to expand my ability to edit videos, but it is still limited.  I’m learning more about iMovie, but in the past I have used YouTube editing to trim, recolor, etc.  But if you’re planning on having video, don’t count on much editing, because it’s much harder and is always apparent, which will make you look bad.
Audio alone is easier to edit.  I am constantly working to improve my editing abilities, but I am able to splice rather unnoticeably and to make basic adjustments and balances.  Feel free to reach out to me to discuss options.
If you would like professionally edited audio files, there is always the option to hire Bienen to record it (at $100 per recital) without video and without a stream.


I am a student with no formal audio engineer education doing the best I can with the equipment I have to provide a service our school does not offer.  If you would like professional audio-only services, contact the Concert Management Office at the Bienen School of Music.
To quote the CMO, I am “not responsible for technical malfunctions, acts of God, blackouts, brownouts, building HVAC issues, or or any other problems beyond [my] control.  Liability is expressly limited to the price paid for services.”

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