Recording and Streaming Services

I offer streaming and recording (audio + video) services for students at Bienen.  If you’re interested, reach out to me by e-mail at, by phone at (860) 428 – 6719, or by Facebook Messenger.

Important Policies:

-I do not book anything on Sundays before 1pm (including set up time).  Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Please submit the Word document form Live Streaming Information (Updated November 2018) to me via email at with all live-streaming information at least a week before your recital. (Or earlier!)  If I don’t have this information 4 days before the recital, I reserve the right to only record the recital without streaming.  (YouTube now has a required 24-hour waiting period after enabling live streaming, which is why I have enacted this policy – this will make sure the event page is made in time for the recital.)
NOTE: Do NOT send them as google drive files with e-mail-based permission granted to view.  I use multiple google accounts and this does not work.  Either attach the word document to an email, or use link-sharing (“Anyone with the link can view”) through google drive.

-My fee is currently $80 per recital (or $100 for recital+dress rehearsal), and $70 per 2-hr recording session.  If this truly isn’t feasible, let me know and we’ll strike a deal.

Information about my streaming and recording services (including fees, timelines, etc.) can be found here.

Information about setting up a YouTube account and/or a YouTube live stream Event Page can be found here.

Information about my equipment and recording techniques can be found here.



I am a student with no formal audio engineer education doing the best I can with the equipment I have to provide a service our school does not offer.  If you would like professional audio-only services, contact the Concert Management Office at the Bienen School of Music.
To quote the CMO, I am “not responsible for technical malfunctions, acts of God, blackouts, brownouts, building HVAC issues, or or any other problems beyond [my] control.  Liability is expressly limited to the price paid for services.”


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