Setting up a YouTube Account and/or Event Page

Policy Updates (as of November 2018)
-Please download the Word document form Live Streaming Information (Updated November 2018), fill it out, and email it to me at at least a week before your recital. (Or earlier!)
-If I don’t have this information 4 days before the recital, I reserve the right to only record the recital without streaming, but will still require payment in full.
-YouTube now has a required 24-hour waiting period after enabling live streaming, which is why I have enacted this policy – this will make sure the event page is made in time for the recital.
-Please send the Live Streaming Information (Updated November 2018) form to me via email at

Once I have the information, I will make the YouTube event page as soon as possible. ***You may receive a text from Google with a time-sensitive six-digit code; please get that code to me immediately.  It is to enable live-streaming.***  Once you have the URL, feel free to share it as you’d like; even if we make edits, the URL will remain the same.

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