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There are so many bad editions in the world.  For any piece older than 100 years, you can usually find an edition that has inked in errors and personal interpretations.  Some of them even have incorrect movement titles and tempo markings! (I’m looking at you, International Edition of the Telemann f minor Bassoon Sonata…)  My goal is to create FREE editions of Public Domain music, to be available in PDF, Finale, and XML file formats.  By making Finale and XML file formats available, these pieces will be available for all instruments!

I haven’t had a chance to upload them yet, but these pieces are on their way:
-Boismortier: Solo and Duo Sonatas for bassoon(s) and continuo
-Fasch: C Major Bassoon Sonata
-Telemann: f minor Sonata (for bassoon, and arr. for saxophone)
-Schumann: Five Pieces in Folk Style (for bassoon, and arr. for saxophone)
And many more!

Is there a Public Domain piece that you want to see added to this collection?  Let me know via the Contact Page.

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