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for trombone quartet

Outwards for trombone quartet is a compositional adventure in many ways. It is both my first quartet for trombones, as well as my first exploration of the 12-tone medium. The initial melody, presented in the third trombone part, uses eight notes that move outwards on the trombone slide, covering all seven positions (repeating fifth position). The last four notes are used in the bass trombone part to create the 12-tone “row.” Each movement explores various ways of combining the technical capabilities of the trombone with manipulations of the row. The first movement presents a lyrical representation of the row, which is developed into a playful exchange between players, often employing heterophony, which thrives upon multiple players contributing sections to a larger sum. The second movement presents a more placid usage of the row, bringing out a more lyrical side of the quartet. Finally, an energetic, driving third movement brings the work to a close.  The name “Outwards” was derived for two reasons. In the most literal of senses, the piece is based on a series of notes that move outwards. The name was also derived from the fact that this piece initiated my movement outwards into new compositional techniques, primarily involving the usage of alternate senses of tonality.

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Western Fairytale
for saxophone quartet

Western Fairytale for saxophone quartet is the first in a series (in progress) of character pieces for the ensemble.  The fun, light-hearted piece is a certain crowd pleaser.

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